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General Commercial

As part of our advice on general commercial law matters, we assist our clients in a broad spectrum of legal aspects related to their domestic and cross-border business activities.

Our advisory services include, amongst other things:

  • Support in commercial transactions
  • Ongoing commercial advice, for example in connection with framework, distribution, license or service agreements
  • Drafting and revision of general terms and conditions of business as well as general terms and conditions of sale and delivery
  • Advice in regulatory matters

Our specialists cover the entire spectrum of corporate services. We support companies from the most varying industries in their operative activities - from procurement via production, through to the distribution of products or the provision of services. We adopt a business oriented approach where importance is given to providing clear added value for the company. Many of our lawyers serve as members on boards of directors and therefore have first-hand knowledge of company needs.

Associations and Foundations

Our specialists in the field of associations and foundations law work in an advisory and forensic capacity and equally act as legal experts in all related fields and for all legal forms, such as:

  • For foundations and associations, donors (private persons as well as organisations), members of boards of foundations, association committees and other organs, beneficiaries, members, audit bodies, supervisory authorities
  • Relating to classic foundations, supporting foundations, company foundations, family foundations, parochial foundations, company pension foundations, dependent foundations as well as all forms of associations
  • Relating to the formation, restructuring, merging, liquidation and cooperation with third parties
  • Relating to sponsoring activities, organisation, asset management, regulatory and liability matters, foundation governance, disinvestments and other restructuring measures

Our law firm headed the development of foundation governance in Switzerland and has extensive experience of foundations and associations operating both in Switzerland as well as internationally.


Aviation has traditionally been one of our areas of expertise. Our advice extends to:

  • All private-law aspects of aviation, for example relating to the acquisition, financing (including leasing and collateral), use (including chartering) and maintenance of aircrafts
  • Aviation regulation, including import, registration and export of aircrafts
  • Fiscal aspects, including fiscal structures for the acquisition, management and sale of aircrafts as well as relevant VAT and customs issues

Our aviation experts provide, in particular, advice to Swiss and foreign financial institutions regarding the financing of aircrafts that operate under the Swiss national flag (commercial aircraft and private jets). Within the scope of this work we are regularly called upon to render legal opinions which constitute an integral part of the extensive transaction documentation.

In addition, reputable clients engage our specialists for example in connection with (potential) legal disputes as well as in connection with the protection of financial interests of “lenders” in matters such as the taking of prompt action to prevent aircrafts from leaving the country.

Employment Law

We advise companies and employees in managerial positions on all aspects of employment law, including fiscal and social insurance law matters related thereto.

Our cross-disciplinary work culture enables us to involve specialists from other teams at any time, for example if corporate matters (e.g. option schemes), outsourcing matters, data-protection or public-law aspects must also be taken into consideration.

Amongst other things, our services include:

  • Drafting and negotiation of employment agreements and similar contractual relationships (mandate agreements, consulting agreement, freelancer agreements, so-called “body lending” etc.)
  • Preparation of internal company instructions, guidelines and models in the field of human resources management (employee manuals, work instructions, codes of conduct, data protection, anti-discrimination regulations etc.)
  • Preparation, regular review and – where appropriate – adjustment of complex remuneration systems (employee participation schemes, management remuneration systems, variable remuneration components, long-term incentives etc.), including any fiscal and social-insurance law matters related thereto
  • Preparation of applications for work and residence permits for foreign employees from EU and non-EU countries
  • Negotiations between employers and employees in all employment-law related matters, including restructuring measures, outsourcing, mass redundancies, termination agreements, severance payments etc.
  • Conduct of employment-law litigation before all courts 
  • Termination or adjustment of employment relationships
  • Incorporation and dissolution of branches of global entities, in particular banks and insurance companies
  • A typical assignment involving predominantly – but not exclusively – employment-law aspects related to the advising of a renowned US-domiciled bank regarding the formation of its Swiss branch. Our specialists drafted all employment-law related documentation for the Swiss-based personnel of the global financial service provider (contracts, remuneration systems, employee manuals, internal regulations etc.)

Life Sciences

Our specialists have many years of experience in the advice and representation of domestic and international companies before authorities and courts in the following areas

  • Nutrition
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Biotechnology

In concert with our experts from the Capital Markets and Corporate / M&A teams, we regularly advise Life Science companies in connection with acquisitions, financing arrangements, IPOs and restructuring measures.

To complement our services in the field of Life Sciences, our specialists are also involved in international networks and associations, serve as board members of foundations in the medical sector and act as speakers, amongst other things, on chemicals law.


Our team of outsourcing experts enjoys a first-class reputation as a provider of legal solutions, in particular also for very complex outsourcing transactions. In-depth knowledge of company requirements as well as a training in business administration coupled with profound legal – including regulatory – knowledge form the basis for practicable and timely project implementations.

Long industry experience and a global network of recognised specialists enable us to provide comprehensive services in domestic and international projects.

Our range of services includes advising as well as representation before authorities and courts. We support our clients above all in the drafting of contracts for the actual sourcing activities as well as in the set-up of transaction agreements in connection with the purchase and sale of companies, and other restructuring measures.

When handling outsourcing projects for regulated companies, our specialists cooperate closely with colleagues from the Banking & Finance team.

Current examples of our consulting work include the advice of a global financial service provider in connection with various international outsourcing projects, where significant parts of an IT infrastructure were outsourced to domestic and foreign providers.

Public Business Law

We are one of the few major law firms with extensive experience and proven experts in the field of public business law.

We advise domestic and international companies from all industry sectors, government institutions and associations concerning the most various areas of public business law. Particular aspects of our work include:

  • Infrastructure law (including telecommunications and traffic regulation)
  • Energy law
  • Law of tender
  • Free-trade law / freedom of trade and commerce
  • General (business) administrative law and law of administrative procedures

In addition to general and transactional advice, our experts often render legal opinions and represent clients before courts and authorities, including special authorities. If necessary, we also draw on specialists from other teams (e.g. Dispute Resolution, Real Estate / Environment, TMT or Banking & Finance).

Advice relating to private and public-law aspects of energy trading and energy supply constitute one of the core practice areas of Niederer Kraft & Frey. This includes in particular the obtaining of approvals and licenses, matters of market regulation, network access as well as energy trading.