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Major Sport Events

Our specialists are leaders in the legal planning and organisation of major sporting events at home and abroad. Our services include the advice on all legal matters, taking account of both national and cross-border aspects. By way of example, we often participate in a significant manner in the set-up of legal and fiscal framework requirements for these types of sporting events, and advise clients concerning the bidding stages, fiscal assessment and conclusion of the corresponding contracts.

Our specialists have a long standing experience in the field of contract drafting and negotiation with organising bodies and associations. In addition to organisational matters, this also includes advising on commercial and tax aspects. In particular, our services in this field also extend to the provision of legal advice vis-à-vis authorities at both national and international levels.

Sports Arbitration

We are renowned for our expertise in the field of sports arbitration. On the one hand, our services extend to the representation of parties before courts. On the other hand, members of our team regularly act as arbitrators in international sports proceedings at the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport / Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS/CAS).

Broadcasting Rights/Marketing/Merchandising

We advise and represent clients from the worlds of sports and culture on broadcasting rights, whether related to television, radio or new media. Our knowledge of the various domestic and international media environments enables us to address broadcasting right matters not only from a legal perspective but also in a forward-thinking manner taking account of market, implementation and cost aspects. We advise and represent sports associations, cultural institutions, agencies and media companies in the allocation or acquisition of broadcasting rights as well as in the protection and enforcement of these rights with respect to contract partners or unauthorised third parties.

As part of our holistic approach, issues related to marketing and merchandising regularly arise for which we offer tailor-made solutions based on the changing framework conditions. The traditional areas of media, telecommunication and technology are becoming intertwined. Our innovative solutions therefore take account of future technological and regulatory developments and also pursue a sustainable approach in terms of rapidly changing legal areas.


As part of our expertise, we advise event organisers which depend on private or public subsidies as well as sponsors that support events through the provision of materials, services or financing. Thanks to our long experience with national and international sponsoring arrangements, our advisory services include the entire preparation, implementation and processing of promotional projects, and frequently also extend to liability and tax matters, company-law aspects and risks related to public relations activity.