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Our history began in 1936 when Dr. René Niederer opened a law firm at Talstrasse 11 in Zurich. He did not remain alone for long and teamed up with Dr. Werner Kraft just one year later. Their colleagues Dr. Werner Niederer, Dr. Hugo A. Frey and Dr. Max Schucan followed soon after. The young law firm was now known as "Niederer Kraft & Frey". Several generations of lawyers have followed since then – all of whom have shared the desire for excellence. Today, we are a firm of 170 employees of which 100 are lawyers and 35 of those are partners.

Professional qualifications and an international approach have been core values from the very beginning. As early as the 1940s, Werner Niederer qualified as a university lecturer in private and public international law at the University of Zurich. Hugo Frey had already spent many years working in the USA during the 1930s and 1940s, and published works on international currency law at a time when this subject was known only to a few insiders. Thus, it was predictable that "NIKRA" – the abbreviation used by the law firm at the time – adopted a strongly international approach from the very outset and had many foreign clients. With the internationalisation of the business world following the Second World War, Niederer Kraft Frey was a natural first choice as an internationally-operating law firm.

In subsequent generations, we have continued to produce many outstanding lawyers who have made their presence in the Swiss legal world. The list of the 10 most influential lawyers in Switzerland*, published by the magazine “Die Bilanz” in 2006, included no fewer than three partners from NKF. Hans Niederer was described by “Legal 500” as Switzerland’s Mr. Bond, having advised on thousands of bond transactions, and there are many further examples of how partners of NKF have developed an outstanding reputation in their specialist areas. NKF has likewise continued its tradition of academic work. As professor for commercial and capital markets law at the University of Zurich, Peter Forstmoser has exercised a decisive and practical influence on Swiss corporate law and, to this very day, many of our lawyers continue to engage in academic work and to lecture at universities.

Niederer Kraft Frey has always grown organically. We never experienced an exodus, nor have we entered into mergers. By the early 1990s we had grown to a size that necessitated some strengthening of our internal organisation. For example, a managing board headed by a managing partner was introduced in 1994 and in 2008 the partnership became one of the first law firms in Switzerland to be converted into a stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft).

Our long history as a premier Swiss law firm and the notable role that we have played not only in landmark transactions but more generally in how law is made and practiced in Switzerland has enabled us to build up a valuable and trusted network of relationships with policy and decision makers at both private and public level.

In accordance with our culture, change was introduced quietly. We take pride in the fact that we have maintained and expanded our leading position throughout the years and are today considered as part of the circle of premier law firms which includes only a few of those in the world’s most important jurisdictions.

*(BILANZ 12/06 dated 20.06.2006 business lawyers: The paragraph kings)