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"In terms of their expertise and organisation they are comparable to
a big law firm in the UK", says one international client.

(quoted from IFLR)

Niederer Kraft Frey was originally organised as a partnership. In 2008, we became one of the first law firms in Switzerland to be converted into a stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft). It was, however, important for our partners to maintain the spirit of partnership in the new format. Consequently, all partners are members of the Board of Directors of Niederer Kraft Frey Ltd and all of them have the same rights and obligations.

The day-to-day business of the firm, which today has about 170 employees, is managed by a committee (Executive Committee) appointed by the Board of Directors. In addition to a managing partner, a further four partners in the Executive Committee share finance, human resources, logistics and marketing responsibilities.

Organisational Structure of Firm Niederer Kraft Frey LTD



NKF is a stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft) with a flat hierarchy. We regard ourselves as a partnership which offers the individual lawyer the necessary independence and freedom to do what is necessary from a legal perspective and in the interests of our clients. We believe that excessive regulation is undesirable and wish to enable partners and employees to deal flexibly with the requirements of our clients. We do not have sales targets and do not consider ourselves under any pressure to sell services that the clients do not need. This independence – including independence from the internal constraints that are commonplace today in large law firms - constitutes the distinctive difference that clients expect from genuine advisors. Our traditional understanding of the role of a lawyer puts the interests of our clients at the very top of our priorities list.

Our partners, associates and junior associates all belong to a team. These teams are: Banking & Finance & Regulatory, Transactions, Corporate Commercial and M&A, Dispute Resolution, Private Clients and Tax. They handle cases in their respective specialist areas. At the same time, the teams are open and our organisation spans teams, thus enabling us to draw on the required specialist knowledge for each case. Our associates and junior associates therefore work with numerous partners and become familiar with various working methods and styles.

This flexible organisation enables us to work in small teams but also to form large teams at short notice if necessary, for example when urgent or particularly complex transactions call for swift action.