Junior Associates

Start here, go anywhere.

What We Look For

Once law school is finished, what next? You have achieved above average grades for your law degree and are now looking for an opportunity to start your career. You want to learn the tools of the trade from the ground up so as to prepare yourself in the best possible way for the bar examination and for an enjoyable, challenging career.

We are always looking for highly-motivated university graduates who, in addition to an excellent degree, have initiative, seek autonomy and take responsibility. Perfect German is important and other languages, especially English, are an advantage.

What We Offer

A junior associate position used well can be the first step towards a career at NKF.

At NKF you find:

  • A motivating introduction to your career and to the legal profession
  • Exciting, challenging work with a variety of deals and cases
  • Individual support from partners and senior associates
  • Good preparation for the bar examination

You get a broad insight into the versatile and challenging work of an NKF lawyer.

During your junior associate programme, you work with and are supervised by a team that will take into account your professional interests when allocating assignments. In addition, each junior associate has two mentors. You are accompanied by a partner and a senior employee throughout your junior associate programme. Your mentors will support you in office-related and personal matters but also in your further professional planning.

  • In preparation for the bar examination, each month you write a legal practice paper which is then discussed with all trainees in a plenary session.
  • Once or twice a month, you get an insight into the activities of a large number of NKF partners in the so-called ‘Junior Circuit’, and you will learn first-hand how diverse and varied the activity of a business lawyer can be.
  • In addition, you can attend basic training on a monthly basis in which we present our core areas and demonstrate the quality standards in these areas.
  • Within the scope of the NKF lectures, you are kept up-to-date on changes in legislation and jurisprudence as well as on special rights issues in specific legal areas.

It is best to apply for a junior associate position approximately 6-12 months before completing your studies.