We are fully integrated

Niederer Kraft Frey is a partnership and a stock corporation – Aktiengesellschaft – owned by all of our partners equally and governed by a Board of Directors on which all partners sit with equal rights. The day-to-day business of the firm is managed by an Executive Committee elected by the partners of NKF.

We put the interests of our clients at the very top of our priorities. Our professional independence and our freedom from internal constraints flow from our understanding of the role of a lawyer as an independent professional advisor.

Our flexible approach means we can work in fluid teams small or large, within or across practice areas and industry sectors depending on client need. Your project, not our internal structures, defines your NKF team.

We harness our network of leading firms in other jurisdictions to form tailored, seamless project teams across borders quickly. We are always ready to meet your next challenge in the most efficient and effective way.