Until 2010, Hans W. Niederer was a senior partner specialising principally in Swiss capital market and banking activity. He has served as an expert to the Swiss Stock Exchange. He also has a vast experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions of banks in Switzerland. Hans Niederer was identified as a Leading Capital Markets practitioner in Switzerland by the 2003/04 edition of Global Counsel 3000.


Hans Niederer assisted foreign banks and brokers to open their subsidiaries in Switzerland. He served on the board of Swiss and internationally controlled banks. At the age of 34 he became the youngest chairman of a bank in Switzerland which he chaired for almost 30 years. In most bank boards he joined the risk and audit committees. He assisted in restructuring of foreign banks following the financial crises. In the field of capital market Hans Niederer assisted Swiss and foreign banks in developing new products such as convertible notes, notes cum warrants and listing of Swiss franc denominated bonds on the Swiss Stock Exchange. He introduced the first convertible CHF denominated notes issue for a Thai company, CHF denominated triangulare notes issued for a Nigerian entity guaranteed by the Italian Central Bank in support of exports by an Italian company. He assisted in the first CHF denominated bond issue listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange for a Russian Bank. He assisted the Swiss steering committee to avoid the bankruptcy of the Vnesheconombank, Moscow. He opened the Swiss capital market for issues lead managed by international banks and brokers. He assisted in the launch of repackaging issues based on convertible and notes cum warrants. Hans Niederer is still serving on the board of entities in Switzerland, the USA and Paraguay. Hans Niederer opened the Swiss capital market after 1975 for newly formed standing syndicates in the field of the Swiss Capital market.

  • Swiss Bar Association
  • Zurich Bar Association