Luca Kenel is a Junior Associate in the Dispute Resolution team. He focuses on international commercial arbitration and complex dispute resolution. Before joining NKF Luca worked as a research and teaching assistant at Prof. Lukas Handschin’s Chair for Corporate and Accounting Law at the University of Basel.


  • Switzerland Temporarily Modifies the Duty to Trigger Insolvency Proceedings During The Covid-19 Pandemic
    by Luca Kenel
    in: University of Oxford Business Law Blog (OBLB), 05/2020
  • Presentation of PhD thesis "Creditor Information in Limited Liability Companies"
    by Luca Kenel
    at Commercial Law Centre, University of Oxford, 11/2019
  • Entire Agreement Clause; Die Wirkungen der Entire Agreement Clause im Schweizer Recht
    in: Sutter Somm Thomas (ed.), Impulse zur praxisorientierten Rechtswissenschaft (Imprax), Zürich/Basel/Genf, 05/2018
  • Presentation of PhD thesis "Transparency towards creditors in Swiss corporate law"
    by Luca Kenel
    at Tsukuba University of Tokyo, 05/2018
  • Voraussetzungen und Umfang der Rückerstattungspflicht gemäss Art. 678 Abs. 2 OR
    in: Grolimund Pascal/Koller Alfred/Loacker Leander D./Portmann Wolfgang (eds.), Festschrift für Anton K. Schnyder, Zürich/Basel/Genf 2018, p. 1035 et seq. (co-authored with Prof. Lukas Handschin), 02/2018
  • Association Suisse de droit du sport ASDS
  • Verein PRO IURE Basel