Cyberfish AG launches blockchain-based technology Traceomat®

Cyberfish AG recently launched the use of Traceomat®, a blockchain-based technology to help stakeholders such as ski resorts and restaurants with their registration and tracing obligations to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. The launch took place on 20 November 2020 in collaboration with the Community of Engelberg. Cyberfish AG are currently negotiating further partnerships and look forward to further expand the use of Tracomat®.

The NKF team consisting of partners Clara-Ann Gordon (Technology / Data Protection) and Juerg Bloch (Contract Law), counsel Janine Reudt-Demont (Life Science / Data Protection) and senior associate Thomas Hochstrasser (Contract Law) supported and advised Cyberfish AG with regard to the launch of Traceomat® and will continue to support Cyberfish AG by providing advice on the contractual set up, data protection and the epidemics legislation.