The aerospace sector stands as a dynamic and essential field that propels human exploration, technological advancement, and global connectivity to new heights. It encompasses a diverse array of enterprises and services, including aircraft manufacturing, aerospace engineering, space exploration, innovative startups and satellite technology.

With a proven track-record, NKF has emerged as a trusted advisor to clients and businesses within the aerospace sector. Our deep-rooted knowledge of this industry equips us to facilitate strategic, long-term, and immediate success.

NKF’s advisory services draw strength from our experience in assisting a broad spectrum of players, from aircraft manufacturers and aerospace engineering firms to space technology innovators. We also provide counsel to investors considering ventures related to aerospace, including acquisitions, research and development initiatives, regulatory compliance, and the development of aerospace infrastructure.


  • Advising ClearSpace, a European space sustainability leader, on its EUR 26.7 million series A financing led by OTB Ventures and Swisscom Ventures.
  • Advising SWISSto12, Switzerland’s fastest-growing aerospace company and a leading manufacturer of advanced satellite payloads and systems, on its landmark deal with Inmarsat, a world leader in global, mobile satellite communications, to build its new generation of spacecraft.
  • Advising SWISSto12 on its negotiations with the European Space Agency (ESA) in the context of the roll-out of SWISSto12’s HummingSat satellite product line, developed in partnership with ESA.Advising Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co KG in its capacity as Sole Global Coordinator and Joint Bookrunner and Commerzbank AG in its capacity as Co-Lead Manager and Joint Bookrunner in relation to an accelerated bookbuilding of Montana Aerospace AG.
  • Advising Joh. Berenberg as sole global coordinator with Commerzbank and ZKB as further joint bookrunners in Montana Aerospace AG’s initial public offering and listing on SIX.

Deals & Cases


Inmarsat selects SWISSto12’s HummingSat for I-8 Satellites to power L-band network

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SWISSto12’s HummingSat product line secures strong support at ESA Ministerial Council

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ClearSpace completes EUR 26.7m series A financing round

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