NKF and SECA invite to its first SECA Workshop Venture Capital

Niederer Kraft Frey and the Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association (SECA) are pleased to host its first “SECA Workshop Venture Capital: Theory and Practice of Investing” on 25-26 May 2018.

The workshop will demonstrate the differences between venture capital and other asset types, cover most important market players and their business models and explain how venture capital is regulated and how investments work.

Beside these topics, success stories from the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and venture capital will also be covered. Renowned speakers from businesses, research and development further contribute to combine theory with practice.

NKF Corporate/M&A partners Patrik R. Peyer and Ulysses von Salis will provide an overview of legal aspects in this context, covering the questions “How to get in?” and “how to get out?”.

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