NKF GDPR Workshop – Practical Tips Webinar

Every company in Switzerland processes personal data. Also most Swiss companies bear a reference to the EU, by virtue of e.g. rendering services or offering goods to EU citizens, having a branch in the EU and processing personal data in this context. In such cases the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will also apply to Swiss companies. The GDPR will be applicable as from 25 May 2018. The grace period for the implementation of the GDPR is running since 25 May 2016. This means that every Swiss company which is subject to the GDPR must be ready then. This is a matter of compliance. In parallel the Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA) is being revised in order to be aligned with the GDPR.

The NKF Technology Team was delighted to invite you to a workshop covering this topic which lasted 60 minutes with an intro from the NKF Technology Team, followed by interactive discussions with the participants.

The workshop walked the participants through:

  • Understanding the key changes in the GDPR
  • Understanding what you need to do in order to become GDPR compliant in your entity
  • Preparing an action list

Topics explored include:

  • Data Protection Notices (including websites, employees and customers)
  • Consent Forms
  • Getting Controller/Processor contracts ready for GDPR
  • Preparing for Data Breach Response Plans/Notifications

Speakers: Clara-Ann Gordon, András Gurovits (partners, NKF, Zurich)

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