NKF first in Switzerland to select and implement Litera Desktop

Niederer Kraft Frey is pleased to announce its recent decision to roll out the full Litera Desktop suite to the firm.

Litera Desktop by Litera (headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA) is a solution supporting the full document drafting lifecycle for professional service firms. It is comprised of products for drafting, proofreading, comparing, repairing, cleaning and securing documents. The six products will enable NKF to continue to further streamline, simplify and enhance its document drafting workflow.

Being the first Swiss law firm to roll out the full Litera Desktop suite to all of its employees further exemplifies NKF’s commitment to digital transformation and to implement innovative LegalTech tools.

Andreas F. Vögeli, partner at NKF: “After a careful evaluation process, we have decided to select Litera Desktop for NKF. Microsoft Office-based, it perfectly integrates into our existing work environment allowing us to combine our proven best practices with new LegalTech tools to stay on top of technological advancements for the benefit of our clients.”

Ab Saraswat, VP of International Sales at Litera: “We’re delighted to have partnered with NKF, as the first Swiss firm to select Litera Desktop. Over the last few months, engaging with NKF has demonstrated an innovation-driven and global mindset, showing commitment to making go-forward strategic decisions. We look forward to continue working with the firm.”