The presence of a reporting system for any potential violations of company policies/procedures (whistleblowing) is critical to the functionality and efficiency of the compliance systems.


The Lab by NKF offers a wide range of services to help you structure your whistleblowing procedures and thus ensure compliance with sector-specific regulatory obligations. These include:

  • development and implementation of a whistleblowing system: The system meets the applicable legal requirements and is compatible with the organisational model of your company (and the procedures of your shareholders);
  • implementation and extension of the whistleblowing system to foreign group companies: Taking into account the legal requirements of the various countries and the organisational structure of the companies, we ensure that all group companies profit from a unified whistleblowing framework.


With our experience in setting up whistleblower systems, we can support you in:

  • managing reports in compliance with your company procedures;
  • helping departments in your company that are involved in the management of reports;
  • the creation of regular reports for corporate bodies, which are structured according to the needs of your company;
  • the management of separate databases containing information on the identity of whistleblowers.

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