Where is the Judge in the Cloud? – Dispute Resolution and New Technologies Roundtable Workshop

8.00am – 9.00am (admission from 7.45am) – NKF, Bahnhofstrasse 53, 8001 Zurich

Whereas online and cloud computing services are rendered and used globally, laws are territorial and apply on a national basis. This gives rise to various legal issues, including – in case of disagreement – questions as to where legal action can be taken and which laws apply. Also, new technologies are slowly finding their way into court rooms and proceedings. This leads to challenging questions and perhaps even evidentiary obstacles that may thwart an otherwise sound legal case.

In the course of this breakfast event we will present and discuss with you some of the occurring problems, particularly focusing on the following topics:

  • Jurisdiction: Issues in the Cloud – where can a lawsuit be filed and should this be considered already at the stage of contracting?
  • Evidence: Practical and procedural challenges – how to explain and prove – to a judge – your case involving new technologies
  • Update on the Cloud Act: When and to whom does the US Cloud Act apply?

What does this mean for Swiss companies?

We look forward to welcoming you at our workshop.

Language: English

NKF Speakers:
Clara-Ann Gordon, partner
Tamir Livschitz, partner
Lukas Beeler, senior associate