NKF presents its new Executive Committee

Niederer Kraft Frey is pleased to present its newly appointed Executive Committee (EC), comprising the following five partners:

  • Juerg Bloch (Zurich) as Managing Partner 
  • Benjamin Humm (Genevaas Head of Marketing and Business Development
  • Valerie Meyer Bahar (Zurich) as Head of Human Resources
  • Bertrand Schott (Zurich) as Head of Infrastructure, ICT and LegalTech
  • Manuel Werder (Zurich) as Head of Finance, Risk and Compliance 

With Geneva-based partner Benjamin Humm as part of the EC, the Geneva office holds an important position within the firm’s management.   

Reflecting on this milestone, our new Managing Partner, Juerg Bloch, expresses his enthusiasm, stating: “I am honoured to take up the role of the new Managing Partner. Building on the firm’s decades-long success, the newly appointed Executive Committee is strongly committed to furthering NKF’s legacy of excellence and innovation. I am looking forward to this exciting new chapter.”

At this stage, we express our gratitude to the former EC partners Patrik Peyer (previous Managing Partner), Philipp Haas (previous Head of Marketing and Business Development), Catherine Grun (previous Head of Finance, Risk and Compliance) and Boris Vittoz (previous representative for the Geneva office) for their outstanding dedication to their roles.