Broadcasting Rights, Sponsoring & Merchandising

We have extensive experience advising sport event organisers, including those dependent on private or public subsidies, and sponsors who support events through the provision of materials, services or financing. Our comprehensive approach and broad experience with national and international sponsoring arrangements enables us to support our clients from the inception of projects through to implementation and processing of promotional projects. We advise on liability, tax and company law matters and on managing risk related to public relations activities.

We have significant expertise advising and representing sports associations, cultural institutions, agencies and media companies on the allocation or acquisition of broadcasting rights, whether related to television, radio or new media, and on the protection and enforcement of those rights with respect to contract partners or unauthorised third parties. Our extensive knowledge of the various domestic and international media environments enables us to address broadcasting rights matters not only from a legal perspective, but also in a forward-thinking commercial manner taking into account market, implementation and cost aspects.

The traditional areas of media, telecommunication and technology are continuously becoming further intertwined. Our innovative solutions take into account future technological and regulatory developments and pursue a sustainable approach in a rapidly changing legal environment.