Being an NKF Junior Associate

Alexis Brunner

The structure of NKF allows us junior associates to specialise and seek out opportunities according to our own interests. What really makes NKF special is its culture: Not only is the exchange and day to day collaboration with outstanding lawyers enriching, but also the sociable interaction with each other, which is not self-evident at a large commercial law firm. That is what makes working at NKF so enjoyable.

Anja Korradi

One of the main reasons I applied for a junior associate position at NKF were friends of mine, who had worked at NKF either as junior associates or summer interns. They only had positive experiences to share – rightfully so, as I now know. Working at NKF allowed me to apply and greatly expand on the knowledge I gained during my studies. In my one year of working at NKF I learned a great deal from the highly experienced members of the Private Clients team. Besides the great working environment within the team, I especially appreciated that I was able to bring in my own ideas and that I frequently received valuable feedback. The open nature of NKF also made it possible for me to occasionally work on projects in other teams, giving me insight into different fields of practice and styles of work. Additionally, the many social events held at NKF made it easy to meet other colleagues and to build a considerable professional as well as personal network here.