• International

    We work and think internationally. We are known for forming, leading and integrating smoothly into cohesive multi-firm teams with the world's leading law firms.

  • Client Focus

    We seek to understand the world from our clients' point of view, always keeping our ear to the ground and staying well-informed about developments, risks and innovations in our clients' industries and business environment.

  • Candid Advice

    We are professionals: lawyers, advisors, strategists and guides. We give straightforward advice in the best interests of our clients even when that advice is not immediately popular. We do not let a difficult conversation get in the way of a positive result.

  • Seamless

    We offer a seamless integrated service grounded in professional independence and effective communication. We excel at advising on complex challenges that require input from a number of practice areas.

  • Agility

    We are commercially-minded, agile and concise. We keep sharp the expertise and competencies required to adapt with confidence to future challenges.

  • Collaboration

    Each of our experts compliments and adds value to the contribution of the others. We value loyal, efficient, lean collaboration which adds value.

  • Entrepreneurial

    We are autonomous, dynamic, independent thinkers who enjoy working with each other and with lawyers across the globe to deliver pragmatic, commercially-sharp and quality advice.